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DefectS Check | Curtains and Blinds | Anti Slip Floor treatment

YHH Plus Enterprise focus on 3 improvement services in Singapore. First, our Premier Defect Inspection is catered for home and commercial owners of new, resale and rental properties to identify defects.

We also specialise in custom made quality Curtains and Blinds for different interior design concepts. Lastly, YHH Anti Slip Floor Treatment focus on providing a safe living and working environment.

Home Improvement Services

Defect Inspection

With our advance inspection equipment, our professional home inspection team are able to provide quality defect inspection service for various types of Singapore properties. Our home defects check inspectors are well trained and meticulous to identify defects. We offer an efficient and complete home inspection in 3 main aspects mainly Architectural, Mechanical and Electrical.

YHH Defects Check Package

Total 3 Inspections

1st Inspection is to identify defects and submission of defect checklist.

2nd Joint Inspection with developer to go through defects identified.

3rd Final Inspection after rectification works are done and completed.

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YHH Plus Enterprise Curtains and Blinds

Curtains & Blinds

Customise and Install

YHH cater customise wide ranges of curtains and blinds with different combinations of colours, designs and materials to match your unique house or office interior design concept. As such, it brings out the warmth of your cosy dream home or to create a lively working environment. Curtains and Blinds is essential beside window dressing and also provide privacy and protection from sunlight.

Invisible Anti Slip Solution

Professional Anti Slip Flooring Treatment | Advanced Technology | Best Solution

We proudly present our new nano anti slip technology. After our treatment, the flooring is not slippery anymore under wet and soapy conditions because the slip resistant increased. Therefore, the chance of slip and fall accidents is GREATLY reduced. Our wide range of anti slip floor solution is able to cater specially to different types of floor tiles. It is suitable for application at home, schools, commercial and public areas. 

Industrial strength equivalent for slip resistant, 100% effective.

Our product is widely used overseas

We are the Exclusive to Supply and Install in Singapore.

YHH Plus Enterprise Anti-Slip Flooring
Product tested and certified for flooring coefficient of friction


Our home improvement services have been widely rendered to various types of residential homes, commercial and educational buildings.  

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YHH Plus Enterprise

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Call/Whatsapp/SMS: +65 9455 0766
Office : +65 6638 0940 Fax : +65 6281 8393
Email: sales@yhhplus.com


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