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Our anti slip coating with high slip resistant can prevent you from slipping on wet flooring. With our INNOVATIVE nano anti slip technology, the slip resistant increases and the flooring is not slippery anymore. Therefore, the chance of slip and fall accident is GREATLY reduced. Our wide range of anti slip floor solution is able to cater specially to different types of floor tiles. It is suitable for application at residential homes, educational centre, commercial and public areas for safety purpose.

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Why anti slip is important?

Nothing is more important than a healthy and safety environment

More than 420,000 people worldwide die from slip and fall accidents every year which is second to car accidents. Everyone has the risk of slipping and falling in their lives, especially elderly and kids under wet conditions. Common areas like bathrooms, toilets, staircases, corridors and walkway are highly prone to slip and fall hazard. 

The consequences are not to be underestimated. Slip and fall accidents can be serious resulting in sustaining injuries, and sometimes even death. With our anti slip flooring solutions, the slip resistant will increase and GREATLY reduce the risk of slip and fall.

Our main concern is to provide a safe living environment to protect ourselves and our love ones, especially for elderly and kids. It is also important to provide a healthy and safety working environment at workplace. Therefore, it is suitable at Food Court, Child Care Centre, Schools, Shopping mall, Nursing home, Restaurants, Hotels, Swimming pools, Hospitals, Lobbies, Ships and more.

Flooring Slip Resistant Statistics

product benefits

  • Meets SS485:2011 Singapore Standard for coefficient of friction.
  • High Slip Resistant on wet floor.
  • Fast application, takes less than an hour for a HDB bathroom.
  • Eco friendly, non-sticky, no odor.
  • Hassle Free and cost savings as No Hacking is required.
  • No Granules formed on surface.
  • Will not change the colour of floor tiles
  • Will not damage the tiles.
  • Disinfect and Cleansing agent make the floor cleaner.
  • Easy maintenance
  • No downtime, the floor is available to use immediately after treatment.
  • No future defect costs
  • Long Lasting

For our anti slip floor treatment, it is simple and cost effective. Ours is environmental friendly, last longer, will not peel off or degrade. There is no side effect for the long run after treatment. Therefore, it is suitable for all places.

Our product tested and certified by SGS for flooring coefficient of friction


 Free Post-Service within 7 days upon completion date

Note: Customers are advised not to do any chemical treatment, buffing, polishing and waxing of tiles after non slip application.


How it works?

This is the latest invisible non slip solution achieve by using nano anti slip technology that is transparent, environmentally friendly, non-toxic. It forms countless microscopic holes on the surface of the tile. When the surface meets with water, it increases the co-efficient of friction of floor by countless times. Therefore, you will feel the grip on wet floor. 

The nano anti slip holes will not peel off at all. In fact, frequent brushing will keep the stains, oil and soap from clogging the nano slip holes, resulting the slip resistant to be better and last longer.

Our Product

YHH different Non Slip Solution is formulated specially for different types of flooring tiles.

Application process

Before treatment
Clients must ensure that their flooring for treatment is clean and dry. Items are to be removed. This will result in better slip resistant effect and more lasting.
During Application

Our staff will apply the appropriate anti slip solution to the floor tiles. The whole process will take less than an hour for a HDB bathroom. We will wash the tiles after application to ensure the tiles are non-slippery anymore.

After Treatment

Customers is advised to wash the tiles with or without any cleaning detergents for 3 days after the treatment. Frequent maintenance of the tiles will result in slip resistant to last up to 3 years or more.

Specially for Commercial Application

Slip Resistant up to 5 years or more

Smooth or rough finish

Applicable on all types of materials including timber, vinyl, concrete, wood, metal, epoxy, paint, acrylic and plastic


Every of our staff is meticulous and well trained for the anti slip floor application to process in a proper method. After completion of every treatment, we will ensure the wet floor is no longer slippery.


Our greatest satisfaction is to provide our best knowledge and consultation to meet our client’s needs.  Your delightful smile is our greatest encouragement and pride. 

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Great anti-slip product. Was skeptical at first but ahd amazing results after application. Floor is not slippery even after pouring shower foam and shampoo on it. Really good for residential home bathrooms, especially so when you have little ones or elderly at home. Highly recommended for ALL residential homes!

Davin Soh

我的小孩 每次沖涼後 腳都有水 把水用在瓷磚上都很滑, 常常在浴室和廚房跌倒, 做了防滑地板後, 就沒在 廁所和廚房跌到了, 這間防滑產品很止滑 效果又持久 地板感覺更清潔更容易清理�

Wenwen Yën

As a pregnant mum, I feel much safer after my bathroom floor and entrance was applied with this anti slip solution. The floor does not feel slippery when I bathe. When I step out of the toilet, my feet does not have that slipping feel.
Amanda Lee


Olyvia Liew

excellent product. Good and professional service

Michael Ng

The job done is very professional and the quality is good and the Anti Slip is very safe for my elderly parents in the toilet so that they won’t slip and fall which could lead to very bad circumstances

Jason See

Thank you YHH for the prompt reply and speedy arrangement for application of the anti slip treatment for my bathrooms. The service was excellent and installer was detailed in his explanation of the maintenance of flooring. Will definitely recommend them.

Lynn Tan

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