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Auto gate

Fully Aluminum Trackless Folding AutoGate

Do you know about the innovative aluminum trackless auto gate? The introduction of the aluminum trackless gates of YHH concept shows why we are at the forefront of all creative auto gate development in Singapore. We offer excellent deals on aluminum folding gates to homes and businesses.

The lightweight aluminum trackless auto gate was built to reduce or fully minimize the damage on the floor over the years. Having a trackless folding gate is an excellent way to safeguard your building against threats. In addition, with sturdy and stylish features which cannot be overstated.

The importance of trackless folding gates for contemporary buildings cannot be overemphasized. They not only enhance convenience but also instantly add a modern feel to the entire outlook for the house.
Designed to function effectively, even in the harsh weather conditions. The trackless gate is an excellent choice for you. In addition to this, it requires minimal maintenance. This gives the gate smoother movements and couple that with adjustable hinges. It’s more than enough to significantly reduce sinking even after several years.

YHH Plus Enterprise provides the best finest aluminum trackless folding gate to landed residential home, industrial and commercial buildings.

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Let’s Have A Comparison of Traditional and Features of YHH Automatic Full Aluminium Swing Gate.

Conventional Gate

  • Traditional Bearing.
  • Bigger Gap.
  • Easy Dismantle (No Safety).
  • Rusty Bearing & Bended Frame.
  • Old Fashioned.


 YHH Plus Enterprise Auto Gate.

  • Hidden Bearing.
  • Smaller Gap.
  • More Secure.
  • More Privacy.
  • More Trendy & Modern Designs. ( Led Lighting Available).

Benefits of Fully Aluminium Folding Auto Gate

  • Without roller and track.
  • No hassle when cleaning floor.
  • No more roller off track issue.
  • More secure and safety.
  • Avoiding tiles damage while installing track.
  • Prevent water ponding on car porch after raining and washing.

Backup Battery

Can last more than 48 hours without power supply.


Trigger  by remote control in case of emergency.

Longer lifespan 

Stainless steel bearing. Make sure the gate operation smooth & easy.

Easy Access, Space & Parking
Remotely-operated to open or close your gate from a distance due to the decreased length of folding gate. For more easy accessibility and parking space.


Comes With Optional Features
Extra auto lock set with key release.
To protect your yourself and your loved ones from collision of vehicles, objects when gate open and close.
    • Fully Aluminium Material

      Anti-Rust and Light-Weight.


    • Custom Made Frame

      Special Frame and Heavy Duty Catered for Your Desired Design.


    • Hidden Bearing Concept

      Latest Quick Installation, Adjustable, Modern & Trendy. With More Privacy & Safety.


    • Powder Coated

      Longer Lifespan, Low Maintenance, Cost-Effective.

      Save Future Defect Cost to Repaint the Gate Due to Fading and Peeling Off.


  • Various of Designs, Colours & Patterns

    Fully Custom-made with Optional Led Lighting.

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