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defect check

Our defect check service is carried out with advance inspection equipment to perform home inspection for TOP, BTO and resale home owners. We also provide our defect inspection service to commercial properties. Our home inspection service package includes 3 site inspections.

1st inspection to identify defects and submission of defect check list to developer.

2nd Joint Inspection with developer and home owner to go through defects identified.

3rd Final Inspection to ensure all rectification works are done and completed under satisfactory standard.

Our valuable advice to home owner

What owner should do after getting house keys

After having possession of a new property, beside activating SP services, owners are strongly advised to have their house defects identified and submit defect check list promptly. Reason being a developer is required to rectify any defect within Defects Liabilities Period (DLP) of 12 months. Any form of renovation works are advised not to be carried out prior completion of defect rectification by developer because it will be hard to decide on who should be liable of the defect identified later on during the process.

What problems owner will encounter

Honestly, as a layman, owners usually have doubts of what is an actual defect in their new house?  In most cases, owners may not be sure if the defect identified is an actual defect or not. Some would not know how to describe the defects accurately for the contractors to understand and rectify them. It is important for owners to mark out the defects because contractor will tend to overlook or miss out some of the defects. As a result, it may cause misunderstanding and end up unnecessary conflicts with developers. Meanwhile, it will be more time consuming and may cause delay during the process and defects might not be rectified to an acceptable standard end of the day.

Why is it better to engage a professional defect check inspector than anyone else

Professional inspectors are engaged to act as a neutral party between owners and developers. Based on knowledge and experience, our communications with the developers helps to avoid any form of problems or conflicting issues of bringing out defects to developers and contractors.  Our qualified inspectors are able to advise owners and request defect to be rectified accordingly with a mutual understanding with owners and developers. On top of that, we can assure if the defects are rectified to BCA Quality Assessment System ( Conquas).

A beautiful thing is never perfect

Home owners must understand there will never be zero defect in a house even after defects rectifications are done. Nothing is perfect in this world. By getting a professional inspector, it helps owners to identify defects and focus on major defects to be rectified that is utmost important to save future repair cost.

What we inspect

We perform professional defect check on different types of properties and identify poor quality workmanship within three essential areas – architecture, mechanical and electrical.

The identified defects will be reported to developer via hardcopy defect checklist or online submission. Followed by a joint inspection conducted together with developer and property owner to go through defects identified. After completion of rectification works, we will go through together with developer to assess if quality is in accordance to BCA and industrial standard. Having defects rectified within defects liability period, it helps home owners to save future repair cost.

We provide our home inspection service to Singapore home owners of HDB BTO, Resale, Executive Condominium, Condominium and Landed properties. Our defect inspection service is also available to commercial properties.

Home Inspection Areas


Are our electrical outlets properly installed and grounded? Any exposed wires?

Air Conditioning​
Are all your units functioning? Is your compressor working properly?

Circuit Breaker
Are the connection securely terminated?


Are pipes properly connected? Any damages? Any corrosion?

Water outlets
Is the water flow correct?

Water ponding
Is water draining off properly in bathroom, balcony and other relevant areas?


Walls and Flooring​
Any possible structural cracks? Any hollow tiles?

Any water stain that could possibly due to water seepage problem?

How is the workmanship of built-in cabinet?

Any chip or scratch on the window glass panel?

How the process works?

Home owners are strongly advised to turn on SP services for water and electricity supply prior 1st defect inspection appointment. This will enable us to perform thorough check on your premises.

Why you need us?

Defect Inspection Singapore - Cost Savings

Cost savings

Save future repair cost! It is important to have defects identified and rectified within defects liability period so as to prevent major repercussions in the long run.

Defect Inspection Singapore - Free Your Time and Mind

Hassle Free

Leave it to our professional inspectors to identify and submit your defect checklist. Providing you with valuable advice to meet your requirement.

Why Defects Check Your New House?

As covered in Renotalk.com

We Are Best For You

Defect Inspection Singapore - BCA Standards

BCA Standards

Our defect inspectors are well trained and certified in accordance to BCA CONQUAS requirement and therefore avoid unnecessary conflict with developer

Defect Inspection Singapore - Service Commitment

Service Commitment

Our defect inspection service is carried out with utmost quality and effort
Defect Inspection Singapore - Professional Equipment

Professional Equipment

We are equipped with essential equipment to carry out professional quality service to identify defects

From Our Clients

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Charles is very meticulous about checking my unit. After their defect inspection, I got my parquet floor resanded/revarnished, walls crack patched and repainted, cabinet alignment settled. Happy with their service. Will recommend if friends need Andy Soh

Good customer service! Very patient to explain to me what I will get and expect. Got a gd package deal of defects and their anti slip solution! It works like a charm! Sharon

Defects Inspection Packages Pricing (PROMOTION)

Defect Inspection Singapore - Prices

Prices ranges in accordance to different property sizes and types having additional loft structure and dual key design.

We are committed to provide you with an affordable and competitive worthwhile price for our home inspection service.

Exclusive deals are offered to certain site with group buy advantage!

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