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Defect inspection Singapore

Check Home Defects, Defect Inspection, House Defect Checking Service Singapore.

Our defect inspection service perform home inspection for TOP, BTO, HDB, Rental and Resale owners. We also provide our defect checking to commercial properties. Our house inspection package includes 3 site inspections.

1st inspection to identify, check home defects and submission of defect check list.

2nd Joint Inspection with developer and owner to go through defects identified.

3rd Final Inspection to ensure all rectification works are completed under satisfactory standard.

Valuable Advice to Home Owners

What owner should do after getting house keys?

Upon possession of the house, owner should identify defects and submit home defect check list. Because a developer is required to rectify any defect within Defects Liabilities Period (DLP) of 12 months. Owners are advised not to be carried out any renovation works prior completion of defect rectification by developer.


What problems owner will encounter?

As a layman, home owner usually have doubts of what is actual defects and how to check. It is important for owner to mark out the essential defects because contractor will tend to miss out some defects unknowingly.  During the process, owners may end up unnecessary conflicts with the developers due to uncertainty and lack of knowledge. As a result, it may cause delay or defects not rectified at all.


Why is it better to engage a professional defect check inspector?

We act as a consultant and give valuable advice to owners. Therefore, with our knowledge and experience, we are able to negotiate and settle conflicting issues with developers. Beside that, we are able to request defects to be rectified with a mutual understanding of owners and developers. Finally, we can ensure the defects are rectified to BCA Quality Assessment System. (Conquas)




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Check Home Defects Assessment



Wiring, Air Conditioning, Circuit Breaker, Appliances, Cable, Power Points, Etc




Water Leakage, Water Outlet, Water Ponding, Water Proofing, Plumping, Etc




Walls, Flooring, Ceiling, Furnishing, Doors, Windows, Wardrobes, Cabinets, Etc


Check Home Defects & House Inspection Process

Home owners are strongly advised to turn on water and electricity supply prior to defect inspection appointment. This will enable us to perform thorough check on your premises.

Check Home Defects, Inspection process


Why Check Home Defects & House Inspection?



Defect Inspection Singapore - Cost Savings

Cost savings

Home inspection save future repair cost! It is important to have defects identified and rectified within defects liability period. Because it can prevent major repercussions in the long run and also ensure safety.

Defect Inspection Singapore - Free Your Time and Mind

Hassle Free

Leave it to professional house inspection team to identify defects meticulously without worries.

Defect Inspection Singapore - BCA Standards

BCA Standards

Our home inspection inspectors are well trained and certified in accordance to BCA CONQUAS requirement.

Defect Inspection Singapore - Service Commitment

Service Commitment

We are able to expedite the defect checking process efficiently. Pre and Post advice throughout.

Defect Inspection Singapore - Professional Equipment

Professional Equipment

We are equipped with essential equipment to carry out quality house inspection service.

Reviews From Home Owners

Charles is very meticulous about checking my unit. After their defect inspection, I got my parquet floor resanded/revarnished, walls crack patched and repainted, cabinet alignment settled. Happy with their service. Will recommend if friends need
Andy Soh

Good customer service! Very patient to explain to me what I will get and expect. Got a gd package deal of defects and their anti slip solution! It works like a charm!

Wonderful experience while going through the defects inspection, making the tedious process a breeze and hassle free. No more headache communicating to the developers plus I get a bonus lesson understanding the building standards and what to look out for.

Nix Wong

Wonderful experience while going through the defects inspection, making the tedious process a breeze and hassle free. No more headache communicating to the developers plus I get a bonus lesson understanding the building standards and what to look out for.
Nix Wong

Home Defects Inspection Pricing 

Defect Inspection Singapore - Prices

We are committed to provide an affordable and worthwhile price for our home inspection service. 

Package includes 1 site inspection with a joint and final inspections.

Best Price Guaranteed.

Exclusive deals are offered to new TOP projects with group buy sales!

Call us before limited promotion expires.

Other Home Improvement Services

YHH also specializes on nano anti slip floor technology. After our treatment, the flooring is not slippery on soapy wet surfaces anymore. Therefore, the chance of slip and fall accidents is GREATLY reduced. It is suitable for home, commercial and public premises. If you are looking for anti-slip flooring or anti slip decking paint. decorative wall plaster, curtains and blinds, auto gate. Whatsapp us to find out more.

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